The difference between a guess and an educated guess lies in math, and one would be ignorant to neglect the power of it.

Ultimate Stock Watchlist

Your essential tool for equity investing. Our weekly updates highlight undervalued stocks poised for significant moves. With invaluable investment insights, we cut through a world of data to provide a conclusive list of stocks. Join us and elevate the quality of your portfolio with the Ultimate Stock Watchlist.

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Math enhances the decision quality

There are above average stocks and below average stocks. Everyone knows it without the capability to compare all stocks with professional metrics. It can only be done by algorithms built with in depth research. The old fashion way of screening stock one by one is like playing with luck. You would want an advanced system that sorts out the good one from the average.

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Unlocking boundless data potential

As an independent data research lab, there is so much that we can offer to the financial world. From AI to high frequency trading and from hedge funds to banks, we customize algorithms for our clients to enhance decision quality.

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Breaking Free From Bias

Every investment strategy that comes with logic can be coded into algorithms and examined by statistics. Systematic approaches bring comprehensiveness, speed, and consistency. The virtues that were hard to be kept by humans in the past are now standard requirements due to technological progress. The continual pursuit of mathematical solutions makes our edge growing sharper everyday.