For Institutions

We offer customized AI data analytic models.

Comprising a team of quant data scientists, former hedge fund managers and world-class analysts, Boring Quant Lab help our partners build effective AI models capitalizing on market inefficiencies and improve the disadvantages of discretionary decision making.

In the highly competitive financial market and the rise of sophistication of data science, it is critical to have a team on your back that can utilize neural network, natural language processing, genetic algorithm and many. The company has done extensive development in the subject of statistical arbitrage in energy sector and forex.

Every investment strategy that comes with logic can be coded into algorithms and examined by statistics. Systematic approaches bring comprehensiveness, speed, and consistency. The virtues that were hard to be kept by humans in the past are now standard requirements due to technological progress. The continual pursuit of mathematical solutions makes our edge growing sharper everyday. It is an arm race not only between top-tier quant funds but also with internet giants. It is not easy nor cheap to make algorithms for many companies to stay on top of the game. Boring Quant believes we should stand together to stand a chance in this competitive market.

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