Breaking Free From Bias

Everyone lives in their own biased world. For most of the time, it could be okay to live that way. However, when it comes to making important decisions like investment decisions, it could be critical and deadly. Nowadays, the information you absorb daily on the internet is ruled by algorithm. You are living in a filter bubble that our behaviors could be greatly impacted if not manipulated by the information you get. To be fair and live up the philosophy, it does need more supporting evidence for the claim. However, certain degree is certainly there since hedge funds have run algorithms to profit from it and Boring Quant has been one of them. A simple question: when there are more than 5,000 stocks in NYSE and Nasdaq, how many stocks can you name? Aren’t them the ones heard from the news titles, suggested articles, or viral social media threads, and should you believe you can find a deep valued stock with a good price this way?

Every investment strategy that comes with logic can be coded into algorithms and examined by statistics. Systematic approaches bring comprehensiveness, speed, and consistency. The virtues that were hard to be kept by humans in the past are now standard requirements due to technological progress. The continual pursuit of mathematical solutions makes our edge growing sharper everyday. It is an arm race not only between top-tier quant funds but also with internet giants. It is not easy nor cheap to make algorithms for not only ordinary investors but also many companies to see through market hypes. Boring Quant believes we should stand together to stand a chance. It is not only because you need us but because we also need you. Consider your purchase as donation of some sort that buys you a piece of truly valuable info that is screened by quality algorithms.