When it comes to investment in the modern age, one should seek guidance from algorithms that are optimized for profit instead of views. Whoever gives enough attention to systematic and unbiased number crunching will find themselves a treasure trove in the stock market. We have been building the most high-end algorithms for the wealthiest not because we have no intention to serve the public but because it is just so costly and hard in its nature. Moreover, not only does it have to be showing a strong profitable statistical tendency but also there are also a lot of adjustments needed, for example, the trading frequency needs to be toned down to what people can follow. After a few years of research and building, we have developed metrics that are effective with the frequency that is just right for all investors, so that the “Inclusive Finance” ideal in our heart can become reality. The QVAS™ Watchlist is a simple watchlist with sophisticated algorithms running behind. Please see our documentation for more details.