How it works

The Ultimate Stock Watchlist is a premium resource for investors seeking undervalued stocks with substantial growth potential. Using our meticulous quantitative model, we analyze the market to identify the top 50 stocks that meet our stringent criteria.

The list is updated weekly, with a new stock added and the oldest one removed to ensure its relevance. Our proprietary QVAS rating system provides a clear score from 0 to 5, enabling you to quickly compare the latest value and price of each stock against its peers.

Additionally, for those seeking Long-term Capital Gains Tax Rates, our list can be an excellent resource for holding stocks for over a year. However, it’s also a useful tool for swing traders looking for stocks that align with their technical analysis.

The watchlist includes the symbol, company name, QVAS rating, current price, added price, P/L since being added to the watchlist, date added, and remarks that track changes in the rating, so you can effortlessly track each stock’s progress over time. We have also included a history page which allows you to refer back to past picks and their performance.